The inland

Diana Marina is not only a coast with beaches.
Its horseshoe shaped valley extends as far as the Torre mount, the so-called Pizzo d' Evigno, which is 990 m high and protects the valley from the northern winds.

The medieval villages, the houses built with stones, the portals made of slating and the church towers clung to the hills: history left on this ground many interesting signs of a rural and religious architecture. Through these medieval and Baroque remains, you'll feel in touch with the past and all the human events, which animated this region.

The intense cultivation of the Taggia olives deeply marked the whole history of our inland.

The olive farming was started and improved by the Benedictine monks, and quickly became a pillar of the economy of the region. This area was soon called the "golden triangle" and was contended by the lords of that period.

Nowadays the Taggia olive (so called "taggiasca") still plays a basic role in the local economy, embellishes the landscape, and gives an unique mark to the local food-and- wine tastes.